Cast & Crew

At this early stage some of the crew and cast have yet to be finalized. Others will only be approached when at least the minimum amount we are trying to raise will be reached.

Please be advised that we have signed some of the group of artists and technicians mentioned herein below. This is non exhaustive and will vary and change based on final negotiations and contract signings with concerned parties.This group is composed of people such as:

Akhil Rajendra – Director
Chiratan Das – Director of Photography
Ravinder Randhva – Screenplay Writer
Robert de Niro – Lead StarCast (Male)
Amitabh Bachchan – Lead Star Cast (Male)
Arjun Rampal – Lead Star Cast (Male)
Amy Jackson – Lead Star Cast (Female)
Olga Kurylenko – Star Cast (Female)

This list will change with time based on timetable availability of concerned parties.

Please consult News & Updates page for more information.

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Akhil Rajendra Director
Rajendra (http://www.akhilrajendra.com) will direct the movie. Akhil Rajendra is an Indian Screen Writer & Director, currently having developed around 10 original scripts of different genres and written films for international studios such as Kingdom Of Ice & 21 DAYS . Akhil Rajendra believes in working only on original subjects, which must connect with human emotions, having a satisfying message to audiences without any compromise in its entertainment value. Akhil Rajendra has directed more than 200 ads, some of them with leading Bollywood stars. Having a management degree & advertising background, it’s his creativity, interest, dedication & honesty to the profession, which brought him in creative field. With an in-depth understanding of music, performing arts & dedicated student of "Art" is here to get you some memorable experiences of cinema.